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Meet Our Instructors

We are adding new instructors to our team. Watch this space to get to know them.


Priyanka Raha - Principal Instructor

Priyanka Raha is the Founder and Chief Writing Coach at PopSmartKids. With a passion for teaching children and years of experience as a volunteer teacher at public schools, Priyanka has honed her skills in helping students develop their writing abilities and unlock their creative potential.  She understands the importance of building confidence and providing individualized attention to each student, and has a proven track record of helping young learners become excellent communicators. achieve their goals.  Priyanka is an MBA graduate from Purdue University, a keynote speaker, guest writers at ParentMap and Thrive Global.  She also regularly publishes at .

She was instrumental in organizing the TEDx Youth at Seattle. She is the VP of Communication at her PTSA board and is an active member of the local school community. She is committed to inspiring the next generation of writers and promoting a better future through education.


Dristi Chandra - Writing Coach

Dristi Chandra is a Writing Coach at PopSmartKids. She is an undergrad student pursuing a degree in Biology and Neuroscience at the University of Washington. Her zeal for teaching kids comes from her vast volunteering experiences in teaching underprivileged kids various subjects such as English and Mathematics. Alongside writing, Dristi also possesses oratory skills as she is a seasoned debater. She participated in various MUNs (Model United Nations) and debate competitions across the globe. She was chosen as a top 8 debate panelist at the World Scholar's Cup at Yale University. This sets her apart as a proficient public speaker as well. Having grown up in India, she has closely observed the implications of receiving quality education at an early age. She believes that the skill of writing embarks clarity of thoughts and critical thinking skills. Learning proper writing techniques set a good foundation for the future as kids endeavor various writing challenges throughout school and college.

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