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SUMMER Camp Curriculum

Advanced Writing Camp

Be a Published Author

This is an exciting opportunity for young writers to develop their creativity, hone their writing skills, and publish their book.

Our experienced and enthusiastic writing instructors will guide students through a variety of engaging and interactive writing exercises, games, and activities designed to inspire their imaginations and improve their writing abilities.

Students will be taking home a completed soft-bound book at the end of this camp and share it with friends and family.


Entrepreneurship Camp

Run Your Own Business

Jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey at our Entrepreneurship Camp, a dynamic platform for young innovators to spark their business intuition, boost their leadership skills, and connect with like-minded peers in an energetic and supportive atmosphere. Through engaging workshops, hands-on business simulations, and collaborative projects, campers will immerse themselves in the essentials of entrepreneurship, from crafting business plans to mastering the pitch.

This camp is designed to inspire creativity, encourage critical thinking, and equip campers with the fundamentals of business strategy and financial literacy. It's an ideal setting for young entrepreneurs to transform ideas into actionable plans.

At the camp's conclusion, each participant will take home a custom made Entrepreneurship Toolkit, packed with resources for continuing their business journey. This toolkit serves as both a camp memento and a practical guide for starting future businesses, ensuring the camp experience has a lasting impact.


Public Speaking and Debate Camp

Be a Speaker

Step into the spotlight at our Public Speaking Camp, an amazing opportunity for young orators to boost their confidence, sharpen their public speaking skills, and meet new friends in an exciting and supportive atmosphere. 

Our expert coaches will lead campers through a variety of dynamic and interactive exercises, games, and workshops designed to empower their voices and improve their communication abilities. Whether you're looking to overcome stage fright or become a more persuasive speaker, our camp offers a transformative experience that will equip you with the skills for success. 

Students at the end of this camp will be able to take home a recorded video of their speech or debate to share with their friends and family.


Science Camp

Be a Scientist

Dive into a world of discovery at our Science Camp, a thrilling chance for young enthusiasts to expand their curiosity, enhance their scientific skills, and forge new friendships in a lively and nurturing setting. 

Campers will engage in a range of captivating and hands-on experiments, adventures, and challenges that spark their creativity and elevate their understanding of science. Each activity is crafted to ignite imaginations and foster a deeper love for science. 

Campers at the end of the camp will be taking home either a self-made science kit or science journal.


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