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Public Speaking Camp Curriculum

Public Speaking Camp Details: Overview, Outcome & Schedule

The public speaking curriculum focuses on developing students' confidence, clarity, and effectiveness in oral communication through various speech techniques, presentations, and feedback sessions.


  • Understand the importance of public speaking; discussion of a few famous speeches.

  • Learn the elements of a good speech.

  • Participants start brainstorming a speech topic, outlining, and writing their speeches.

  • As they start writing, they learn about storytelling in speeches, engaging the audience, how to use index cards for talking points, and handling questions.

  • Participants learn about voice modulation, body language, and clarity with words and sentences.

  • They learn how to support their speech with an appropriate visual aid like a poster or a powerpoint presentation.

  • They go through a couple of cycles of practice sessions, feedback, and revision.

  • As they share their ideas, they celebrate each other's achievements, provide appreciation, and learn how to use constructive feedback.

  • End with certificates and celebration.

  • Participants work with topics relevant and appropriate to their grade level.

  • Continuous guidance from the instructors through the process.


  • Boosts Self-Confidence: Improves confidence and self-esteem while reducing public speaking anxiety.

  • Enhances Communication Skills: Develops clarity, delivery, and effective verbal expression.

  • Nurtures Leadership Qualities: Builds public speaking skills which are key strengths for future leaders.

  • Develops Critical Thinking Development: Fosters ability to organize thoughts and ideas coherently.

  • Improves Creativity and Expression: Nurtures imaginative thinking and personal expression through storytelling and presentations.

Comprehensive Curriculum Path

Introduction to Public Speaking

  • Welcome and Ice-Breaking Session

  • Introduction to the camp

  • Understanding Public Speaking

  • Discussing famous speeches

  • Basics of Speech Writing

  • Elements of a good speech

  • Brainstorming topic and outlining

  • Crafting Your Speech - Participants start writing their own speeches

  • Instructors provide individual guidance

Delivery Techniques

  • Participants continue to work on their speeches

  • Learn about voice modulation and clarity

  • Practice body language and stage presence

  • Role-play and exercises for effective body language

  • Participants give and receive feedback on their speech delivery, and make improvements

Work on Visual Aids and Practice

  • Learn about the importance of visual aids, like a prop, could be a poster or a powerpoint presentation.

  • Discover narratives, storytelling techniques, and handling questions.

  • Exercises on thinking on your feet

  • Practice sessions - Participants practice delivering their speeches

  • Incorporating feedback, new techniques, and sharing experiences and insights

Final Presentations and Celebration

  • Last-minute practice and instructor guidance

  • Participants deliver their speeches

  • Constructive feedback from instructors and peers

  • Achievement certificates 

  • Closing remarks

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