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How to keep your summer interesting while keeping it simple


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How to keep your summer interesting while keeping it simple
by: Priyanka Raha ~8/5/2022


Every summer, there is a mad rush among parents to find summer camps and activities to keep the children engaged. Being a parent myself, I understand this. It is challenging to get on with work commitments while kids are home from school, all day every day.

But what if you forgot to sign up for those camps?

Finding spots in the summer camps is not an easy feat. If you are thinking of 2023 summer camps, you might as well sign up now. Well, that might be a little exaggerated but not too far from the truth.

There is also the added peer pressure of watching everyone else’s social media reels of kayaking, hiking or camping. Are you feeling the summer activity FOMO or fear of missing out on all the fun family activities?

But what if you are too tired to plan anything?

Rest assured in the thought that what you see on social media is just the spotlight. No one is posting pictures of their toddlers throwing tantrums or their teenagers not wanting to leave their digital devices.

While you are busy attending to your home, errands or work commitments your children might be leaning into their tablets and computers to play video games or watch shows. Some days might seem that is the only thing that is keeping you sane while also stressing you out about screentime.

But what if there are meaningful ways to integrate screentiem into your family time?

In this video we share a few tips on activities that can make summer fun and engaging with the entire family while keeping it stress-free and unplanned. 

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