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The Funniest Things Our Students Say
by: Priyanka Raha ~ 5/23/2024

Curiosity, fun, and unpredictable wit of young mindsBLOGPOST_FunniestThings05232024.jpg

When I think of education I think about a world where curiosity and fun, along with learning are the building blocks. It’s a world where children’s innocent yet profound observations often leave us in fits of laughter which is why teaching and working with students is a joyous adventure, filled with moments of laughter and surprise, thanks to the delightful and often hilarious things our elementary and middle school students say.

Our academy believes in fostering an environment that encourages curiosity and fun in learning. We've found that this approach not only enhances the learning experience but also leads to some of the most hilarious and thought-provoking comments from our students. Here are some of the gems that have brightened our days and reminded us why we love teaching.

"Why is the sky blue? Is it shy?"

In a recent science class, we were discussing why the sky is blue. One curious student raised their hand and asked, "Is the sky blue because it's shy?" The innocence and creativity behind this question sparked a wave of laughter, reminding us of the unique ways children perceive the world.

"Do writers get writer’s block from too many Legos?"

During a writing workshop, a student pondered, "Do writers get writer’s block from too many Legos?" This amusing question led to a discussion about what writer’s block is and how it has nothing to do with stepping on Legos, although both can be quite painful!

"If the Moon has no oxygen, how were we able to plant our flag there?"

The class erupted into laughter, but we appreciated the critical thinking behind the question. This moment led to a wonderful conversation about the nature of the Moon's atmosphere, or rather its lack thereof, and how that affects human activity on its surface. We explored the concepts of air pressure and gravity, and how astronauts use specially designed space suits and equipment to survive and work in the vacuum of space. We also discussed the historical significance of the Apollo missions, how the flag was designed to stand upright in the Moon's environment, and the innovative technologies that make space exploration possible.

"Can I be a scientist and a wizard?"

While talking about future careers in a science class, one enthusiastic student asked, "Can I be a scientist and a wizard?" The blend of imagination and ambition was heartwarming. We assured them that while they might not find a real-life Hogwarts, science can be pretty magical, too.

"Is the Periodic Table where scientists eat lunch?"

The Periodic Table can be a bit confusing for young learners. One student, with a look of serious contemplation, asked, "Is the Periodic Table where scientists eat lunch?" This charming mix-up was a perfect segue into explaining the importance of the Periodic Table in chemistry.

"If I write a story in space, does it become a space story?"

In our creative writing class, we encourage students to explore different genres. One student, thinking literally, asked, "If I write a story in space, does it become a space story?" Their earnest curiosity and logical thinking had us all chuckling. The discussion that ensued gave the student some great ideas to incorporate into the story they were writing. It’s not hard to guess that they were writing a story that was set in space.

"Do atoms have favorite songs?"

Atoms and molecules were the topic of the day in a science class when a student earnestly asked, "Do atoms have favorite songs?" Their personification of atoms was both amusing and a great starting point for discussing vibrations and sound waves.

"Can I write a poem for my pet rock?"

Creative writing assignments often lead to the most endearing requests. One student asked if they could write a poem for their pet rock. The classroom was filled with giggles, and of course, we said yes. That rock ended up being the subject of a very heartfelt and imaginative poem.

"Do we have to wear lab coats in writing class, too?"

During a transition from science to writing, a student asked if they needed to keep their lab coat on for the writing session. The mix-up highlighted their readiness to embrace the role of a scientist wholeheartedly, even in a creative writing class.

"If I invent a time machine, can I skip to the weekend?"

In a discussion about inventions, one student brightly asked, "If I invent a time machine, can I skip to the weekend?" Their practical (and quite relatable) thinking made everyone laugh, and it opened up a fascinating discussion about the ethics and possibilities of time travel.

"Can words dance like molecules?"

While explaining how molecules move, a student asked, "Can words dance like molecules?" This poetic comparison between language and science was a beautiful reminder of how interconnected different fields of knowledge can be in the minds of young learners.

These moments of humor and wonder are the heartbeat of our academy. They remind us of the joy of teaching and the boundless creativity of our students. Each day brings a new opportunity to laugh, learn, and be inspired by the delightful minds of the future scientists and writers in our classrooms. Our students' witty remarks often remind us of the importance of viewing the world through a child's eyes - full of wonder, curiosity, and a dash of humor. They show us that learning can indeed be fun, and sometimes, downright hilarious.

Finding new ways to inspire kids to stay curious, learn, and communicate effectively is one of my life’s work which is why I include many fun activities in our writing classes to inspire the next generation of thinkers and explorers. Want to learn more about our story writing classes? Check us out here.

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