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Why blaming screentime for every problem is pointless
by: Priyanka Raha ~9/30/2022


It is quite easy to blame screentime for every problem or challenge that our children or young adults face, but it is a pointless thing to do. As a parent myself, I understand that it is overwhelming to parent with an additional aspect of having to manage our kids' screentime habits because we did not grow up using digital devices. As parents we can agree that we all want to keep our children safe.

You don’t need to be shamed for using screentime because pandemic or not our everyday lives involve constant technology use.

You need strategies that will help you teach your kids how to build healthy screentime habits because the only way to move forward is to learn how to mindfully integrate technology in our lives.

This video explores a few ways to change your perspective of technology use especially with your children. 

For more strategies visit: 

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