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End the Struggle:

Unlock Clear Communication for Your Child

Every parent has been there: watching your child brim with ideas yet struggling to put them into words, facing challenges in school assignments or social interatctions. Clear communication is not just a classroom need - it's a foundational skill that defines success in academics and future careers.

Imagine a future where your child confidently expresses their thoughts, and effortlessly communicates bright ideas in words. Now, you can achieve undeniable clarity and purpose in writing and public speaking. At PopSmartKids academy, we've got you covered!

We serve students from K-12 with individually-tailored lesson plans. We keep parents engaged with regular progress updates. The best part - we've a lot of fun doing it!


Our Classes and Camps

We offer tailored group classes, private lessons, 1-day camps and summer or winter camps for K-12. We limit our group classes to 4-5 students to ensure personalized attention and focus for each learner.

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Our Centers

We're all about convenience! Take your pick from our two in-person locations or hop onto our online classes for some remote learning action.


160 NW Gilman Boulevard
Issaquah, WA


11335 NE 122nd Way
Kirkland, WA


Zoom and Google Classroom

Our Mission
Empowering K-12 students with the skills and confidence to communicate effectively through writing.


Our mantra is to encourage children to imgine great possibilities and think outside the box. We inspire them to dream big and explore their boundless cpabilities.



Our goal is to inspire children to bring their imagination to life. We foster innovation and self-epression through various mediums like writing, illustration, and speaking.



Our mission is to spark a passion for discovery and knowledge. through our creative programs, we empower your child to stay curious and realize their utmost capabilities.

Our Learning Programs Help:



We put students in the driver's seat of their creativity and imagination. Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors meet the students where they are in their learning journey.



We take away the frustration and worry of parents. Our education programs and focused mentoring provide the support their child needs to excel in academics and beyond.



We bring value to our partnering institutions by providing their students with our comprehensive learning curriculum, and forstering an environment of critical thinking, creativity and growth.


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