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Our Mission
Empowering K-12 students with the skills and confidence to communicate effectively through writing.


Our mantra is to encourage children to imagine great possibilities and think outside the box. We inspire them to dream big and explore their boundless capabilities.



Our goal is to inspire children to bring their imagination to life. We foster innovation and self-epression through various mediums like writing, illustration, and speaking.



Our mission is to ignite curiosity and learning. Our innovative programs help your child unlock their full potential.

PopSmartKids Academy - Classes and Camps

Our classes and summer camps are built for elementary, middle and high-schoolers. We run separate classes for these groups so we can specialize our curriculum according to the needs of the students in this age range. We offer in-person as well as online classes.

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Our Learning Programs Help:



We put students in the driver's seat of their creativity and imagination. Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors meet the students where they are in their learning journey.



We take away the frustration and worry of parents. Our education programs and focused mentoring provide the support their child needs to excel in academics and beyond.



We bring value to our partnering institutions by providing their students with our comprehensive learning curriculum, and forstering an environment of critical thinking, creativity and growth.


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